Welcome to Cloud9's Summer  Cinema!


The Bright Courthouse
1-3 Park Street
Bright, VIC 3741 Australia Phone: 03 5750 1581
Email: Please use our contact form

With our new second screen, we can bring you more content and fun than ever before! We will be exhibiting all the latest G & PG rated films at this new location and we have secured a HUGE line up this Summer just for you! You will find everything great fun from competitions and prizes to an awesome Kids Hangout Zone!

Cloud9 In-door Porthouse Cinema will open on the 9th of December 2017 right through to the Australia Day weekend 2018.

See you there soon!

Opening Year Ticket Prices:
Everyone, Every Session $15.00


Cinema Location Map

Courthouse Cinema Sessions

Rated G (Very mild themes and coarse language), 106 mins
Ferdinand (John Cena) is a bull who would rather smell flowers than fight toreadors in the ring. When people see him, they immediately perceive him as a big, scary beast, which is why he's taken from his quaint village to become a fighting bull....

Rated M (Science Fiction violence), 152 mins
Rey (Daisy Ridley) has finally tracked down legendary Jedi knight Luke Skywalker (Mark Hamill) on the planet Ahch-To. It is there she learns there is much more to the force than light and dark. Rey's parentage will also be addressed. Finn (John Boyega) has woken up from his coma.


COURT : Courthouse Cinema (Park Street)   MOTW : Movie of the Week ($10 admission for members)   PBS : Parent's & Bubs Session (general public welcome)